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Version: 3.0.0



The application that needs to be accessed is to be deployed in an independent service acquisition cloud environment and can access Internet services.

create service

first step

Log in to Alibaba Cloud and click to activate the service of Alibaba Cloud's Node.js Performance Platform.

Second step

Create a new app, get the App ID and App Secret.

Install monitoring dependencies

first step

Install the components required by the Node.js Performance Platform

# Install the version management tool tnvm, please refer to the installation process error:
$ wget -O- | bash
$ source ~/.bashrc

# tnvm ls-remote alinode # View the required version
$ tnvm install alinode-v6.5.0 # Install the required version
$ tnvm use alinode-v6.5.0 # use the required version

$ npm install @alicloud/agenthub -g # install agenthub

There are three parts

    1. Install tnvm (alinode source)
    1. Use tnvm to install alinode (replace the default node)
    1. Install the data collector required by alinode

After the installation is complete, you can check it, you need to make sure that .tnvm is included in the path of which node and which agenthub.

$ which node

$ which agenthub

Save the App ID and App Secret obtained in Create a new application as yourconfig.json as shown below. For example, in the project root directory.

"appid": "****",
"secret": "****",

Start the plugin:

agenthub start yourconfig.json

start node service

In the installed server, when starting the Node service, you need to add the ENABLE_NODE_LOG=YES environment variable.

for example:

$ NODE_ENV=production ENABLE_NODE_LOG=YES node bootstrap.js

Docker container approach

For the method of docker container, please refer to document.


For more information, please refer to the documentation of the Alibaba Cloud Node.js Performance Platform.