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Version: 3.0.0

Create the first application

Technical selection

Midway has multiple sets of technical solutions to choose from. We will distinguish them by deployment:

Technical selectionDescription
Pure Node.js projectMidway traditional project, pure Node.js research and development, modules represented by @midwayjs/koa, supports back-end projects in the most complete way, and uses dependency injection + Class as the technology stack.
Serverless projectMidway is a technology stack developed separately for Serverless scenarios. Modules represented by @midwayjs/faas are connected to different Serverless platforms in a lightweight way.
Integration projectMidway's innovative technology scheme adopts the integrated development method of front and back ends to save the time of front and back ends. For modules represented by @midwayjs/hooks, functional is used as the main coding paradigm.

This chapter and subsequent documents will use the pure Node.js project as the basic example. If you need to use the Serverless project, please jump to the Serverless. If you need to learn about the integration project, please visit integration.

Fast initialization

Use npm init midway to view the complete list of scaffolds. After a project is selected, Midway automatically creates sample directories, codes, and installation dependencies.

$ npm init midway@latest -y

For a v3 project, select koa-v3, pay attention to Node.js environment requirements.

The example will create a directory structure similar to the following, where the simplest Midway project example is as follows.

➜  my_midway_app tree
├── src ## midway project source code
│ └── controller ## Web Controller Directory
│ └── home.controller.ts
├── test
├── package.json
└── tsconfig.json

The whole project includes some of the most basic files and directories.

  • src is the source directory of the entire Midway project.
  • The test directory of the test project. All the test files are available here.
  • package the package management profile of the. json Node.js project Foundation
  • tsconfig.json Compile Configuration File TypeScript

In addition to the entire directory, we have some other directories, such as the controller directory.

Development habits

Midway has no special restrictions on directories, but we will follow some simple development habits and classify some commonly used files into some default folders.

The following ts source code folders are in the src directory.

Commonly used are:

  • controller Web Controller directory
  • middleware middleware directory
  • filter
  • aspect interceptor
  • service service logical directory
  • entity or model database entity directory
  • config
  • The directory where the util tool class is stored.
  • decorator custom decorator directory
  • interface.ts definition file for ts business

With the emergence of different scenarios, directory habits will continue to increase, and the specific directory content will be reflected in different component functions.

Web framework selection

Midway was designed to be compatible with a variety of upper-level frameworks, such as common Express, Koa and EggJS.

Starting with v3, we use Koa to demonstrate the basic example.

These upper-level frameworks are provided in Midway with component capabilities, and all of them can use the decorator capabilities provided by Midway, but Midway will not encapsulate specific capabilities, such as the plugin system of Egg.js, or the middleware capabilities of Express, If you are familiar with one of these frameworks, or want to use the capabilities of a particular framework, you can choose it as your workhorse web framework.

@midwayjs/koaBy default, Koa is a Express alternative framework, which supports asynchronous middleware and other capabilities by default, and is the second most common Node.js Web framework.
@midwayjs/webEgg.js is a relatively commonly used Web framework in China, including some default plug-ins.
@midwayjs/expressExpress is a well-known node.js minimalist Web framework. It's a well-tested, productive library with a lot of community resources.

If you want to replace the default Web framework, please refer to the corresponding egg or express section.

Start the project

$ npm run dev
$ open http://localhost:7001

Midway will start the HTTP server, open the browser, access http://, and the browser will print out the Hello midwayjs! The information.


If you need to modify the development startup port, you can modify it in the scripts paragraph of the package.json, such as 6001:

"scripts": {
"dev": "cross-env NODE_ENV=local mwtsc --watch --run @midwayjs/mock/app.js --port 6001",

Frequently Asked Questions

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